Renting Out Your Big White Ski Resort Property

Some people rent out their Big White Ski Resort property is a way to earn extra income when the property is not being used for their own personal use. Others buy at Big White strictly to use the property as a rental as rentals on the mountain are always in high demand, especially over the Christmas holidays and Spring Break. In addition to the holiday rushes, there are also seasonal workers and visitors alike that rent over the course of the season, year after year. This article will offer insight on renting out your Big White Ski Resort property.

Renting Out Your Big White Ski Resort Property

From self managing to outsourcing to a full service rental company, you have options depending on how involved you’d like to be. Some restrictions apply to each service you choose but luckily there are a few to chose from.

However, each building and complex have their own rental restrictions in place and rules that must be followed. So before making your rental plan. I reccommend speaking to a professional (I would be happy to answer any questions) about the possible rental restrictions for your property.

Let’s have a look at some of the options…

Self Managed


This is a great option for those who want to self manage. Be prepared to run the rental from top to bottom. You’d be in charge of listing the rental, upkeep, managing booking, cleaning and more. Do your research to see if Airbnb is right for you.

Full Service

Central Reservations

The one-stop shop for everything on the mountain. Handling rentals, and just about everything else, Central Reservations is a trusted, knowledgable team.

Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals

With over 10 years of operation at Big White, this company has a long history of exceeding guest expectations. The team is comprised of other local small business such as: Pure White Cleaners, Snowy Nights Hot Tubs, Billy’s Waterworks, and many others.

If you decide to self-manage, I highly recommend the following local services to assist with the rental process:

Renting out your Big White Ski Resort property allows you to have that home away from home that generates income while not in use by you and your family. Contact me for all your Big White Real Estate needs! I would be happy to answer any questions or get started searching for your perfect investment property!


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