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We’re now in full swing and right before the New Year, this is one of my favorite times of the year! Shimmering snow on the mountains and the twinkling lights in the village, Big White is a wonderful place to be.

Whether you’re thinking about building from scratch see my previous entry or if you already have a property there are lots of options to make it modern. Perhaps you’ve found a property you really like but there are just a few things you want to upgrade. Renovations are a great way to keep your place current and increase its market value. Even if you have a slight fixer-upper don’t be discourage to sell, this might be the perfect project for someone else. You don’t have to break your budget either since you can start and finish at your own pace.

Consider A Few Things

  • A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to change the look and feel of a space and you can hire professionals or DIY.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are good places to start whether you’re a buyer or a seller most people take notice of these areas. You don’t necessarily need to do major renovations either since small improvements help, consider changing sinks, countertops, appliances and hardware.
  • Floors are another way you can easily transform a space. Think about replacing broken tiles, hardwood panels, or removing old carpet.
  • Window coverings are another way you can redesign a space.
  • If your property is on the smaller side think about sprucing up outdoor areas to add more inviting spaces into the mix.

Depending on the project you are planning you might need a permit so be sure to find out more from your regional district or municipality. There are lots of home improvement magazines, TV shows and websites that can help you decide on the perfect designer look for you. Our friends at Weninger Construction can also help navigate your renovations needs.


The future’s looking bigger and brighter at Big White

Big White Ski Resort Black Forest expansion

It’s not only real estate that’s booming at Big White Ski Resort. The resort recently updated their master development plan to include two newly proprosed chair lifts that, once completed, will open an additional 70 ha of new terrain.

Currently referred to as the Black Forest Connector and the Backcountry Chair, the two chairlifts would be located to the east of the Black Forest Express, within Big White’s existing Controlled Recreation Area. Both chairlifts will be easily accessible from the Black Forest Express Chair and the Cliff Ski-Out.

An environmental assessment and surveying were conducted in August 2018. Pending approval, Big White Ski Resort hope to complete both new lifts by the start of the 2019/2020 ski season.


More terrain, more glades!

The new lifts will add 70 ha of skiable terrain and an additional 50ha of gladed terrain. The Black Forest Connector and Backcountry Chair will offer predominantly intermediate ski terrain and gladed tree areas, with a few beginner and expert runs. Overall the terrain will be similar to the ski runs and glades in Black Forest, Big White’s most popular ski area.

Big White Ski Resort new runs

Future housing expansion at Big White?

With the completion of the first of four staff residences in the Black Forest area and plans for even further expansion to ski terrain in the Black Forest and East Peak regions, it’s also looking like we’re one step closer to the long-awaited release of land for the Black Forest residential subdivision.


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