Tips to be the best holiday host

The holidays are a time for family get togethers and christmas parties, and I bet you have wondered about how to “sleigh” the hosting gig you’ve been assigned this year. Whether it’s simply hosting your close family, or all of your extended family and then some, here are some simple tips to make you the best host and keep your sanity!

1. Get your home holiday ready! You don’t have to go buy any extravagant decorations, just by simply putting on some holiday music, and lighting some candles, you can create a welcoming holiday ambiance for your guests. EXTRA TIP: Make a long holiday playlist so you aren’t shuffling CDs or searching YouTube for holiday songs.

2. Prepare ahead of time as much as you can. The more time you spend preparing while your guests are in the other room, the less time for socializing and showing off your hosting skills. Chop your veggies, create your salads, and bake those cookies prior to your guests arriving. EXTRA TIP: Now may not be the best time to try that new recipe you’ve been debating.

3.Have some activities. This one is huge, especially if your home will be filled with excited children. Have a coloring station, game center, or set up a dance floor away from the main area. The kids can use their energy with fun and games and be hungry and settled once it’s time to eat. EXTRA TIP: Have a craft center and have each kid make their parents a special Christmas craft. Kids stay busy and parents get a keepsake.


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