Winter Sports in Kelowna

Avid winter sport participants have been counting down the days for the opening of the Okanagan’s prestigious and world renowned ski hill Big White, and on November 30th, they will welcome the official opening, which begins at 8:45 AM. Big White is celebrated for it’s famous Okanagan Champagne powder, abundance of family friendly winter activities and world class runs. Whether it’s another year for you to spend up at the hill, or your first year, the opening of the mountain is being met with anticipation, as the hill provides enjoyment for inhabitants of both the mountain, the city, and tourists alike. With only an hour drive to downtown Kelowna, it provides easy access to a natural winter wonderland for those looking to get out of the city for a while.

Maybe snowboarding and skiing aren’t included in your main focus- or you’re looking to take a time out from the slopes. Whatever the case, rest assured that Big White offers many other activities, including retail options, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, food, wine & relaxation. Shop many of the boutique shops located in the Village for some retail therapy, where they have something for all ages. If putting your feet up is desired, Big White is home to the Elevation Village Spa, and has been pampering guests since 2007, with two locations in the village, a great activity to a long day of winter sport participation.

Looking for a place to eat? TripAdvisor recommends The Woods as it’s #1 choice, even granting it a Certificate of Excellence, with the Globe Cafe & Tapas Bar ringing in at a close second. If you’re looking for an intimate dining experience, try 6 Degrees — or maybe you’re looking for something a little more casual, in which case, check out the Sessions Taphouse & Grill, a local favourite.

As a local of Big White Ski Resort, I can help you make the most out of your Big White experience. Whether you’re interested in finding out about the mountain’s real estate market, the amenities it has to offer, or the Okanagan area in general, contact me and find out how you not make the Big White Ski Resort your vacation destination, make your permanent destination.

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