Big White Ski Resorts Local Olympian

You might be familiar with Kelsey Serwa, her grandfather, Cliff Serwa, co-founded Big White Ski Resort in 1960 and she has become an extremely decorated athlete. She’s a member of the Canada Ski Cross Team and is the 2018 Olympic Champion, 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist, a World Champion, National Champion, and 2x X-Games Gold Medalist!!

Kelsey Serwa is a Big White Ski Resort local, that made it big! Since learning how to walk Kelsey has been skiing at the resort and has made the community at Big White extremely proud , in fact, there is even a ski run named after her! The #homegrownheros favorite run is Born to Run.

Big White Ski Resort has showed continuous support throughout the years, throwing viewing parties for the Olympics, celebrating her accomplishments with special events, and  ultimately influencing her career.  A career in which Kelsey retired from just a few weeks ago. “I’m ready for the next stages of my life,”‘ Kelsey told The Canadian Press.

The next stages of life for Kelsey include getting married this September, working towards her physiology degree and a six-stage mountain bike race. “I love racing. I love that feeling” Kelsey also recently started a scholarship fund which gave $10,000 to three different students-athletes.

Kelsey’s words to live by: Be where your feet are