Big White Real Estate Market Update – March

Big White Ski Resort’s real estate market in March saw a 55%  increase in sales from February. March’s sales were between the 94k and the 805k price point.

Listings haven’t slowed down either, with March seeing 18 new listings, bringing the current total to 112 active listings. Property price points are ranging from $104,5000 to $6.3million with a large majority between 500-700k.

Spring break at Big White was extremely busy for real estate this year. The weather was absolutely fantastic and the showings were non-stop! Investors, families, and individuals from all over the globe traveled to Big White to evaluate the real estate market and many jumped at the opportunity to make a purchase.

From luxury chalets to studio apartments, it seems that the market isn’t leaning one way or another, but offering properties of all types to cater to anyone looking to invest at Big White Ski Resort.